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A unique partnership with long/short managers

37 Capital engages with tenured portfolio managers who have experience in implementing long/short strategies, offering new solutions to meet investors’ needs. These seasoned professionals specialize in understanding the ultimate return drivers of an investment. Established as a part of Putnam Investments, this unique arrangement allows portfolio managers to focus on selecting securities rather than supervising business operations.

This “inside advantage” means that our managers have meaningful access to companies, technology, and research, as well as the flexibility to collaborate with analysts across multiple sectors and asset classes. A well-crafted incentive structure ensures that they stay motivated to pursue alpha for 37 Capital clients. We believe that innovation and the ability to inspire talented investors are key components of Putnam’s heritage, which we trace to the firm’s founding in 1937.

With a deep systems infrastructure supported by the experienced operational and compliance organizations of a larger firm, we believe 37 Capital is built for the success of our clients today and in years to come.

Our capabilities

Investment innovation is our founding principle, and we continue to analyze potential future strategies. Contact us for more information.

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